LED Dog Safety Collar

LED Dog Safety Collar

An LED light for your dog's collar - awesome for those early morning or late night walks!  Great for safety, especially when walking along the roadside.

You get one (just one!) LED dog collar. The pictures on Amazon make it look like you get 3, but it's just one for $1.88. Still, that's a great price to pay to keep your canine companion (and yourself) safe and sound.

It's comes with a battery that is easily replaceable. It's one of those watch batteries and will last a good while. Some people have complained that the product came with a dead battery, but ours has worked just fine.

It has 3 operating modes: steady light, moderate flash, fast flash.

It easily attaches to just about any dog collar. Really we can't think of one that it wouldn't attach to. It has a nice big clip, so anything a leash will fit on, this will work with.

Again, if you're walking with your dog early in the morning or later in the evening, this thing is a lifesaver. Especially in those cold and dark winter months when it seems like every hour outside of work the sun is down!

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