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LED Bike Light

LED Bike Light

​​​​​​A very cool LED that goes on your bike's tire valve. It's super easy to install and requires no other items to use. 

It lights up when there's movement (when I move, you move), so anytime you're biking it'll be light up. We recommend taking it off during the day if you want to conserve energy.

This bike LED is quite bright and will auto rotate through 7 various colors. It's a cool way to increase your night-time visibility so hopefully no one hits you. 

It fits *most* tire valves of cars, bikes, motorcycles, etc. It's waterproof, shockproof and duck-proof (ok that last one we are just assuming, but the odds are good).

Spiffy, and a nice little add-on or gift for a friend or kid. We bought several for the whole family for a little bike trip we took at dusk last month. They worked really well and not only light us up but also attracted some attention from other bikers and walkers as well. We got lots of smiles and people asked us where we got them. Of course, we had to say at The Coolest Stuff Ever! We really wish we'd have gotten a smaller domain name to start with. Oy crikey....

Anyway, these things rock. We highly recommend them. That's it and that's all. :-) 


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