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The Laundry Lasso

The Laundry Lasso

Bungee open your washing machine door! Prevent mold, mildew and odors! 

This will work on any brand of FRONT LOAD washing machine. It's adjustable to fit any door gap. No more worrying about cleaning your washing machine.

This thing rocks... it's actually really easy to setup and works great. We leave our washer door open all the time, but it's in the way - it's right in the main hallway to get in and out of the house through the garage. Leaving it open is a pain because we're always banging into it.

The Laundry Lasso has helped us out immensely. It keeps airflow moving through the washer so we never have to clean it, plus it's not in the way. It has suction cups you can adjust to fit your exact washer door. 

It won't scratch or otherwise damage your washer either; they're just simple suction cups with a bungee cord. 

Sure, you could make something like this yourself. If you have an adjustable bungee cord and some suction cups that go onto it, you're set. But this is handy and you don't have to make anything. Yeah, it's $15 bucks, which seems a tad steep for something so simple - but it's super handy and will last a long time. 

We've been very happy about buying one of these. Our laundry room is now free and open and we can walk through it without banging our legs. 


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