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Laser Guided Scissors

Laser Guided Scissors

Cut a straight line, every time. Awesome for wrapping those Christmas gifts, cutting fabric, scrapbooking, you name it.

Judging from the reviews, it's not a home run hit of a product. The downside is that apparently the laser doesn't go very far, so if you're cutting a long item you still have to draw a guideline. But for shorter cuts, it's just fine. Just a disclaimer that your mileage may vary.

But it's a really cool idea and works great for smaller Christmas gifts and cutting cloth. On the larger cuts like we said, you'll probably need a guideline to make a perfectly straight cut. However for those smaller cuts, these scissors work just fine.

Also a novel gift for a white elephant, Secret Santa, a craft or kitting club, etc. Comes with 2 LR44 button cell batteries.


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