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Laptop Steering Wheel Desk

Laptop Steering Wheel Desk

Attaches to your steering wheel to give you a big, flat surface to work on. Awesome for travelling a lot, working during lunch or just on the go. NOT FOR USE WHILE DRIVING! :P
If you're looking for some fun, read the comments on this product - they're a hoot! They mostly deal with driving while using the steering wheel desk. 
In practice though, you can't really drive with the desk attached to the steering wheel (believe us, we've tried, lol ;-)). If you try to turn the wheel the desk will hit your legs, so you'd have like 30 degrees of turning radius at the most. 
So really, the safety features are moot. If you're dumb enough to drive with this thing, you're most likely dumb enough to do something else that'll get you killed.
But as a tool, this thing isn't bad. Normally there's no good way to use a laptop in your car. You just don't have enough room to place a laptop in front of you, plus it's too awkward to turn to the side to use it. 
The steering wheel desk works out pretty nicely and at a good price (just under $30 bucks). We dig it. 

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