Krull Glaive - Fantasy Curved Knife

Krull Glaive - Fantasy Curved Knife

Very very cool glaive from the 80s movie Krull. We loved this movie - it was great for its time and was very special. It has 5 blades that fold up. Looks awesome both with knives extended and folded! 

It was a magical weapon that would return when thrown. The glaive was very powerful and helped our hero, Prince Colwyn, defeat The Beast.  The movie featured a young Liam Neeson in more of a sidekick role.

[NOTE - This product is out of stock. The link goes to Amazon but they no longer carry the Krull Glaive. We are on the lookout for a place where you can actually buy the glaive. If you spot one, please let us know about it!]


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