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Kramer Wall Poster

Kramer Wall Poster

Well, well well, it's a classic painting of one Cosmo Kramer. In poster format. It's simply beautiful and brings a tear to the eye.

Whatever Michael Richards did on that one bad night in a comedy club, he still brought a ridiculous amount of laughter and smiles to millions over the years. Seinfeld was a classic, and this poster is a nice reminder of those years. Perhaps someday Seinfeld will be so out of date that it'll resemble what The Honeymooners does to us now, it'll remain in our hearts forever.

This poster rocks, but even better is the fact that it's pseudo-framed in the poster itself. 

And then there's the product description on Amazon:

"Seinfeld has a huge fan base"

Huh, what? Wow, that's... informational?

"A great gift"

You don't say?

"Suitable for framing"

Um, did you realize that there's actually a frame IN the poster?

:P  That said, it's still under $5 bucks and makes a great little gift for the Seinfeld fan in your life. 

Poster is 36" x 24". Comes in a poly-sleeve wrapping and protective cardboard tube for protection during shipping.


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