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Kitchen Garbage Bag Holder

Kitchen Garbage Bag Holder

A garbage bag that simply hangs from a drawer or cabinet door. Takes up very little space and is super handy! Simply awesome.

Great for germophobes or those who simply don't want to have a huge, stinky trash can in their kitchen. Those big garbage cans can take a while to fill up and they get stinkier and more rotten by the day. Plus, if you're throwing away scrap food/organic waste, that garbage is gonna absolutely REEK!

This little trash bag holder is meant to hold a smaller kitchen trash bag. This is great because it can be changed much more often than a typical gallon size trash bag. You could feasibly take the garbage out every single day, leading to less smells, more cleanliness, and a happier house! Ok, maybe we're taking it a bit too far, but still, this thing is really neat.

Another nice advantage of it is that you can place it right near where your food prep is happening and just toss scraps into it as you go. It'll save you some energy and time from walking over to the trash can.

Setup is easy: just open a drawer and hang the thing. Place bag in it. Done! :)

Very cool. FYI this will only fit cabinet doors with a thickness of less than 2cm. 


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