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Keyport Slide 2.0 - The Everyday Multi-Tool

Keyport Slide 2.0 - The Everyday Multi-Tool


The Keyport Slide 2.0 is for the person that wants to consolidate their keyring. Their goal with this product is to take all of the crap you have on multiple keyrings and make it so it actually fits in your pocket.

Get all of your keys in your pocket without having the pain of keys digging into your flesh when you sit down.

The Slide 2.0 is very customizable and much more than just a key-holder. Keyport offers additional inserts for the Slide like a bottle opener, flashlight, usb Flash drive and pen.

How they actually get your keys into the Slide 2.0 is pretty neat... and also a bit awkward. You can't actually just put your keys in it. How it works is you take a picture of your keys and send them to Keyport. Their "key cutting experts" will make a duplicate of each key for you. These are simplified, smaller key blades, a proprietary thing that only Keyport makes. They slap your customized Keyport all together and send it to you, ready to rock and roll.

In theory, this sounds pretty cool - however if you have a newer car with one of those special key fobs, then you're SOL. They can't make a metal key out of one of those fobs. So really, the whole point of simplifying and reducing the amount of keys is shot in the foot if that's the type of key you have.

Still, it's a really cool idea, and in practice works out fairly well. Even if you have to have your car key on a separate fob (they'll give you a free micro-lock to attach your fob to your Slide) it'll be a nice space-spacer & time-saver. 

The price isn't bad either. You can get the base setup with 6 keys for $52.94. You'll pay more for more keys or for the inserts like a pen ($8.99), 4GB flash drive ($14.99) or bottle opener ($5.99).  Shipping is free.

You can also personalize your Slide with different colors or text.

Keyport also offers the Pivot, which is a bit simpler than the Slide however it lets you use your existing keys. This is a nice, cheaper option with less setup than the Slide, but it's currently only available for pre-order.

For those who really want to take things to the next level, the Slide 2.0 from Keyport is a no-brainer. The setup time is a small barrier to entry, but once you do it, we imagine the time saving and usefulness on the back end to be huge.

Check it out today!


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