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A keychain to help find your iPhone and keys!

A keychain to help find your iPhone and keys!

Bikn (it's pronounced "beacon") doubles (triples?) as a case, a way to find your iPhone, and a way to find your keys.

It's pretty simple: you geta tag and a case. You can have a bunch of different tags that you put on things like your keychain. The MyBikn app (iOS only at this point) syncs to your iPhone.

You can now find, leash or page your iPhone. Find shows you roughly where your phone is and makes it beep. If you know the phone is in the vicnity, you can use page to just make it beep. Leash mode sets an alarm when the tag and the iPhone are separated by more than a couple feet.

You charge up both your case and tags using the standard Apple adapter. In the case of the case (see what we did there?), you charge both the iPhone and the case (in case you were wondering).

Bikn starts out at $59.99 for both the case and 1 tag. You can pick from 6 different tag colors. Each tag has a clip that slides open to easily attach to things like backpacks, dog collars, tech equipment, or anything you don't want to lose. You could also throw one in your car's glove box.

You can customize both the color of the Bikn case and the tags. You pick your case base color, either black or white. Then your highlight color for the outside of the case: white, black, gray, teal, purple or green. You pick from the same base and highlight colors for the tags.

Here's the only drawback... the Bikn is currently only available for the iPhone 4 and 4S. Bummer. But here's hoping they have an iPhone 5/5S version soon.


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