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Keep On Suckin' Infant Snapsuit

Keep On Suckin' Infant Snapsuit

That's right, infants, keep on suckin. We give a big, 70s style thumbs up to your efforts to suck down the milk, whether it be from a real nipple or a fake one.

It's a good reminder for the stressed out baby to focus on the task at hand. Life might not be ALL sunshine and daisies, but hell, you've got it made right now kiddo. Someone to feed you, change your diapers, coddle and kiss you, and basically wait hand and foot on you.

Yup, it's pretty much downhill from here.

So just enjoy it and Keep On Suckin.

Does anyone remember the 70s Keep On Truckin' motto? It was everyone: on shirts, bumper stickers and in everyone's mind. It was a different time, that's for sure. "Ass, grass or cash" was payment for a ride and hitchhiking was second nature. Trucking was huge in our culture and CBs everywhere.

Thank God we have cell phones nowadays!


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