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Kama Sutra Cookie Cutters

Kama Sutra Cookie Cutters

Add flare to your baking wares with these Kama Sutra-inspired cookie cutters. Have more fun with your dough than Scrooge McDuck!

These aren’t your Grandma’s Cookie Cutters!

You don’t have to read Sanskrit to get some lovin’ from your oven with these Kama Sutra Cookie Cutters from Firebox. The original Kama Sutra is a Hindu text about sensual pleasures that dates from around 1800 years ago. These suggestively graphic cookies are the perfect Cliff Notes version for your naughty Kitchen O’ Love.

These stainless-steel bad boys and girls are washable and fully reusable- sure to amuse you and yours for years to come. Featuring four different positions, ‘Tuffin the Muffin,' 'Baking from behind,' 'Over baking it' and 'Very well risen’, things will never be Drury down on the Lane for Muffin Man again!

Oh, the applications are endless! I got a set just to make ornaments for my friends. They come in handy for bachelor or bachelorette parties, sensual product parties, pregnancy or ultrasound parties, any occasions for that quirky person in your life, a Friends Expansion set for your 1970s SNL Mr. Bill doll, or even those ultra-secret get-togethers that I’m never invited to attend where people…well….eat cookies.

You’re not limited to Gingerbread, either, so don’t be afraid to put that Elf on the Shelf and really explore the array of fun you can create with combinations of different types of dough and colorful icing and toppings. Your imagination is the only limit with these sweet, sexy gimmicks.


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