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JUMP: Simple Battery Backup For Your Phone

JUMP: Simple Battery Backup For Your Phone

Unlike other battery backup solutions, JUMP fits in your hand or pocket and doubles as a cable - that way it's always with you and always charged!

You might have tried other battery backups for your phone - we certainly have tried a bunch. There are various problems with all of them, either they're too bulky, or they double as a case for your phone (which disrupts the look of your phone or doesn't let you use your normal case). Or they need an additional cable which you don't always carry with you because who carries cables around?

The JUMP battery backup is awesome because it's small enough to fit in a watch pocket, backpack or purse. It also has the cable built right in - and yet the cable can wrap easily around and inside of the JUMP. 

When your phone is low on battery, pull out the JUMP backup, plug it in and BAM you're off and running. The JUMP is good enough to get you another 30% battery life on an iPhone 5.