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JoeyBra: The Bra With Hidden Pockets

JoeyBra: The Bra With Hidden Pockets

Leave your purse at home and put your essentials like ID, keys and phone in your bra's pocket! Sexy, classy, and hands-free.

Many different sizes are available so you're sure to get the one that fits you perfectly. Available in black and snow leopard print. (What is this OS X 10.6?)

It has the classic hook and eye closure in the back with sexy lace detail. The JoeyBra also sports a lightly padded push-up.

The pockets are on either side, on the outside, that way they're both comfortable and won't crush anything inside the pockets.

Feel the freedom of going purse-free! Plus you'll get some attention as you dig out your money, ID or phone :)


Categories: Organizer, Wearable