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iPhone USB Solar Recharger

iPhone USB Solar Recharger

A simple, foldable solar recharger for the iPhone, iPod, Android - or any other USB device. Keep your iOS or Droid device powered all day long! 

The basic model generates about 5W - or 1 amp of power at 5 volts. This power outputs right to a basic USB port - you don' need anything else. In short, in full sunlight this can charge up an iPhone in about 3 hours.
There's also a bigger version that offers 7W of power and 5 volts for 1.5 amps of power. This reduces your iPhone charge time to roughly 2 hours.
Even cooler is the tiny Power Bank that you can get to work with it or separately. The lithium Power Bank is your nighttime solution. Charge up a Power Bank during the day and you have enough power to juice up your iPhone to about 90-95%. The 2600mAh Power Bank also has a built-in flashlight (1W LED) - how cool is that!?
There's also a 5600mAh Power Bank that's a bit bigger and has a battery charge meter on it. Toss a couple of these Power Bank in your pocket and have enough juice for like 2 days of hard usage. 

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