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Indoor Child Swing

Indoor Child Swing

Really cool idea for a rainy day! Lets your kids (up to/around 100 pounds) play on a swing in the house.
The ad copy says that it works over 20 muscle groups, although we're not sure why that's super important for little kids. Yes, exercise is great and all but it's not like they have to work out to get great abs to show off at show and tell. But hey, whatever.
We can also see this as being very useful for highly active kids with tons of energy - you don't always need to take them out to the park and you may not have a swing set in the back yard. 
It might also be ideal for a child with fear of the outdoors/parks with other children or autistic kids.
The only drawback is where might you put this... you have to be very careful that it's not close to a wall. Kids being kids, they're going to jump off the swing at it's highest point and go sailing - which can hurt either a wall or themselves. But there are certainly use cases for this and it could be really cool if used properly!

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