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"If You Can Read This... Bring Me Wine" Socks

"If You Can Read This... Bring Me Wine" Socks

A pair of socks that read "If You Can Read This... Bring Me Wine"! They're great for anyone that loves wine. 

These socks rock. If you see me sporting these bad boys, a) don't bother me, and b) well, you know, bring me some wine.

Because I will almost NEVER turn down a glass of wine! In fact, leave that whole bottle here, would ya? ;)

These socks are super cute and fuzzy and keep your feet warm without getting too hot. Perfect for sipping a wine in front of the fire. They're super comfy and fuzzy and the writing doesn't come off even after multiple washings.

They ain't just for the ladies either - guys, these will work just fine for you too. Of course you have another option, a "BRING ME BEER" pair of socks, if that's more your thing.


If you like beer better, you're in luck. They also offer a "IF YOU CAN READ THIS, BRING ME BEER" pair of socks!


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