Ice Pack Booze Flask

Ice Pack Booze Flask

A badass "ice pack" designed to hide your booze in plain sight! Toss it in a cooler and no one will be the wiser.

We've seen a ton of alcohol flask/hiding devices but this one takes the cake. It looks SO GOOD and you can toss it in a cooler or bag and take it almost anywhere. Very functional and useful, but also a cool little gift.

You do have to be a little careful if there will be close inspection however, to use a clear colored liquid. Dark stuff like cola will show through the cooler flask and be a dead giveaway. That might not matter to you, because you can sort of hide this in the cooler below other ice and most people won't suspect anything.

It fact it looks so much like a regular cooler pack that some people that have received this as a gift have been fooled and thought that's really what it was.

This will hold 14 ounces in total. The cap makes a really good seal so you shouldn't have to worry about it leaking.

You'll have to be a little discrete about pouring or drinking out of this, but it's a great way to conceal and smuggle booze. 

One caveat: the product description says its dishwasher safe but the package says otherwise. You'll have to hand wash this or risk damaging it. 

There's also a sticker on it that says it's not a real ice pack. You can either peel this off or put something over it. Once you do this, it's almost not recognizable as an alcohol smuggling device!

Also, you *CAN* use it as a regular chill pack. It will let water freeze and not leak. You could freeze some alcohol in it if you wanted for the ultimate ruse.

Simply awesome, and one of our very favorite hidden flasks!