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I Don't Have Birthdays. I Level Up! T-Shirt

I Don't Have Birthdays. I Level Up! T-Shirt

That's right, you don't just get older - you get better and wiser; you level up! 

Age is a state of mind, except for the creaks and cracks and wrinkles and forgetting stuff. We oursleves aren't immune to... to... what were we talking about?

Well, whatever, age is just a number. A number that indicates how many trips around the sun you've taken. A number that says just how much experience you have. A number that says what level of life you've achieved!

If you cut us open there are rings that show what level you've gotten to. Unless that's trees. Oh yeah, we forgot (it's that age thing again) ... it's trees that have rings inside them, not humans.

But still, when you hit a birthday and ding a new level, you should totally celebrate! You only get so many of them - and hopefully you get upwards of 70 or 80 of them, but there's no guarantee you'll get another.

That sounds dour and negative, but we think of the positives. Live every day like you won't get another (within reason of course; don't max out the credit cards). Life on this planet is short, relatively speaking, and it'll feel like it's gone quickly. You young'uns pay heed - before you know it you'll be 30, then 40, then... you're a grandparent, if you're lucky. It speeds up too as it goes too.

Ok, this is sounding negative, but it's not meant to! Each birthday *is* a level up! You've achieved so much, learned a ton, even if you don't think you have. Even failure brings a whole batch of learned lessons. What not to do, what to do, what works and what doesn't. It's all about experience. Dungeons and Dragons and RPG games have Experience Points or XP; well you sort of do in life too!

XP is hard earned, man. In school, in college, in your career, in buying a home, in having kids. You level up and get better, no matter what it is. Even something as simple as playing video games - you get better at it. Making movies, writing, painting, drawing, making podcasts; whatever it is you're passionate about, you're getting better at it, whether you know it or not.

Sometimes it takes stepping back and seeing the forest from outside of the trees though. So celebrate those level-ups with this fine shirt!


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