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I Do What I Want Middle Finger Coffee Mug

I Do What I Want Middle Finger Coffee Mug

"I do what I want" - a battle-cry/motto that many of us can get behind. 

Whatever, I do what I want. Many of us would like to say this, but rarely do we do it.  We have so many things we have to do in our lives but we'd love to juse throw off the yokes of oppression and do what we want. 

Awesome for an office setting, cat lover, or just for home. 

It's an amazing mug and will hold liquids perfectly adequately. That is to say, liquids will not leak out of it. The same can't be said for spills. Gravity/physics work normally on this mug and if you tilt it, run with it or otherwise move it in such a way that would typically cause liquids to come out of a mug, then liquids will come out of this mug. 


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