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Huge-Ass Roll Of Bubble Wrap

Huge-Ass Roll Of Bubble Wrap

12 inches by 175 freakin feet of bubble wrap! There are all sorts of practical uses, but we just like to pop it!
Seriously, we haven't lost our affinity for bubble wrap since being kids. It's very theraputic; you just keep popping the bubble wrap and the comforting sounds and popping feeling get you thinking about other stuff. The worries and cares of the day fade away and you're lost in the bubblewrap popping.
It's very Zen Buddhist. Popping bubble wrap sort of puts you in the ever present now, the moment of RIGHT NOW, not the past or the future. Maybe Buddhist monks up in the Himalayas pop it to get into their blissful states. 
Who knows and ultimately who cares, just so long as we have some bubble wrap to pop!

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