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A Hooded Sweatshirt For Your Dog

A Hooded Sweatshirt For Your Dog

Bitches look great in these hoodies. Yeah we went there. But it's also functional - keep your littler dogs warm in the winter months!

Really, these hoodies rock. The ONLY complaint we have is trying to find the right size. It's very tricky for dog sizes, but what are ya gonna do. 

These hooded sweatshirts are so cute and fun on almost any type of dog. And the smaller your dog is, the more needed some winter wear is. All dogs need to walk and smell the outdoors, and doing so in the winter can be dangerous for those with little hair and smaller body mass.

It is absolutely crucial when the weather gets below 20? fahrenheit to have some sort of outerwear protection for your dogs if they're going to spend any time outdoors. So... why not make them look awesome with a hoodie!?


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