Hofbrauhaus 1 Liter Dimpled Beer Mug

Hofbrauhaus 1 Liter Dimpled Beer Mug

Oktoberfest! Now you can own a huge Hofbrauhaus beer mug and party like it's Oktoberfest all the time. Of course that might lead to a whole bunch of trouble...

But if you can moderate your drinking, this makes an excellent purchase. You can re-use it thousands of times and the memories you'll create with it will be priceless! If you can remember them, of course.

And the savings will be substantial over actually going to the Hofbrauhaus. At around $10 a beer, you'd have this mug paid for in 2 beers.

Beer somehow just tastes better out of a Hofbrauhaus mug. It makes you feel really important hefting this huge mug. And it's finely crafted with the dimples and lettering and official Hofbrauhaus logo.

Hayden approves!


Via homewetbar.com

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