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Hire a Goat Grazer

Hire a Goat Grazer

Hire a goat to graze your yard and eat all the poison ivy!  For real.

Amazon is testing out home services like finding a plumber, home carpentry odd jobs and the like. But weirdly, they also offer goat grazing services in certain cities. 

The cool thing about goats is that they can eat bad weeds like poison ivy that are harmful to humans. That's right - goats rock and can eat poison ivy without any ill effects.

Farmers love it because their sheep and cattle could get sick if they ate poison ivy. 

Oh yeah, goats can also eat other nasty plants like Oriental Bittersweet, Ailanthus, Kudzu, Multiflora Rose, Japanese Honeysuckle and others.

Got a goat? You can make money by letting it graze other people's yards.

You can see all the new services that Amazon is offering here.


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