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Have a Nice Day Middle Finger Surprise Coffee Mug

Have a Nice Day Middle Finger Surprise Coffee Mug

This mug has the best of both worlds and can give whatever message you want. Of course the "Have a nice day" is usually sarcastic...

Great for the office, when you want to appear nice and happy and that you get along with all of your co-workers and love your boss. But appearances can be deceiving, and when you're taking swigs of your go-go-juice, you can let people know how you REALLY feel.

We've looked around and this coffee mug sells really well - in fact it sells out quite frequently. When we wrote this, it was available, but soon after we took this post live, it was gone. We're leaving this up as availability will probably keep changing. 

If Amazon doesn't have it in stock, you can check out SikWorld - they are the original manufacturers.


Categories: Food & Drink, Humor, Office