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Handy KeyTool Keyring Multi-Tool

Handy KeyTool Keyring Multi-Tool

A tiny multitool - perhaps the tiniest! Yet it has many functions and is super lightweight. It has a bottle opener, screwdriver (3 sizes including eyeglass screws), nail file & nail cleaner & tweezers.

Now this isn't going to hold it's own against a larger multitool such as a Gerber - but it's not meant to. It's a small and super slim device that fits over a key, and therefore weighs very little and fits in your pocket with no problem. You won't even notice a difference, which we like! (It's all about Every Day Carry (EDC) with us - and how much stuff we can have on us without being overburdened with weight and crap.)

The bottle opener is nice - it uses the key to get leverage. It takes a little bit of getting used to but once you master it, it's simple to pop off bottle caps. And we like the fact of ALWAYS having a bottle opener when you need one.

It's a great way to have several needed tools at your disposal without taking up too much space or breaking the bank. It's a durable multi-tool that'll last for years.


Categories: Geeky, Survival