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Hands-Free Dog Leash

Hands-Free Dog Leash

Dog owners, this thing is the shit. It sports a waistband that adjusts to your waist size along with a bungee-like leash for full hands-free dog walking!

For those that love to run with their dog(s), it can be difficult to hold a leash or two as well as your phone. This frees up your hands to do other stuff, like maybe wave to people! 

Who knows, you might make a friend by waving and then 5 years later they see you fall down in front of an oncoming subway train. They remember you from that day in the park and how friendly you were and quickly jump down and pull you to safety! Thank God for this hands-free leash!

But seriously folks, if you have multiple dogs this thing can be a lifesaver. Sometimes you might want to carry a phone but you also have two leashes. If one dog sees a squirrel and goes one way but the other doesn't, your hand can get seriously messed up, possibly some broken bones.

Even if you only have one dog, if it's bigger or pulls really hard, that can be a huge weight on your hand. With the leash attached to your waist it's much easier to control the dog.

In short, yeah, we really like this product and it's one of those that we'll also be buying!


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