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Grizzly Bear Underwear

Grizzly Bear Underwear

They're epic and quite frankly a little frightening. They'll startle and inspire and make the women very interested in you. Whether that's positive or negative we'll leave to you to decide.

But for us, we think it's a huge positive. Who wouldn't want some boxers that look like a grizzly bear?

They'll keep you warm, support you and make some people laugh. You'll actually want to show off your boxers or perhaps run around a bar or office in nothing but your new grizzly briefs.

In a pinch they might even be able to fend off small animals or perhaps even another grizzly. Be warned, however - if another grizzly sees you in these they might be attracted to you. If that happens - DO NOT PLAY DEAD! Climb a tree or walk away backwards making as much frightening noice as you can. Or perhaps hang the underwear on a nearby tree and let the grizzly go after it while you make your escape.

Needless to say, life will be just a little less boring with these fine undies.


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