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Grappling Hook That Fits In Your Pocket

Grappling Hook That Fits In Your Pocket

This is a REAL grappling hook used by the miltary that is small enough to fit in your pocket!

Before you get TOO excited, know that it's not large enough to hold your weight. This grappling hook is to grapple other things, but not for you to climb a building with.

Still, it's something really nice and fun that you can keep in your pocket, stow in a backpack, keep in your camper or glove box, etc.

For real world military applications, it is used to snag tripwires, capture lines, take down phone lines or power lines, reposition barbed wire emplacements, move packaging, break windows, pull down blinds or cutains in SWAT situations, or cast a line to pull in any smaller item (under 150 pounds).

We're sure you can think of many other fun (non-military) uses!?


Categories: Athletic, Geeky, Survival