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On-The-Go Cereal Bowl

On-The-Go Cereal Bowl

The coolest cereal bowl to take with you to work or other outings. Has two bowls: one to keep cereal dry, and one with a gel at the bottom you freeze to keep the milk cold.

Holds 5.7 ounces of milk (or other liquid). It's also great for oatmeal or any other meal that you want to keep half cold. 

Freeze the gel cup overnight and it'll keep your milk cold most of the day, even if you eat lunch later than normal. It's good for 6-8 hours.

Sometimes it works so good that it'll actually freeze the milk a little. If you don't want it that cold, make sure to remove the milk from the container about 30 minutes before eating.

For those on-the-go a lot, this combo of bowls works just plain awesomely.


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