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Gnarly Teeth, Set of 9

Gnarly Teeth, Set of 9

A whole set of fake, ugly teeth to fool people with. Meet new people and see how they react to you. Do they treat you differently with these horrible teeth? (Answer: you betcha!)

I remember once when I was playing poker and a new guy came to play with us - a friend of a friend. He had horrible teeth and talked weird, so I though he was a dumb hilljack. About a half hour later he pulled his teeth out and surprised us - we had no clue! He was a smart, regular dude and my opinion of him changed immensely. It's amazing what good teeth can do for your image. 

So yeah, try these out on people or give as gifts. Can you imagine a group of people going together to a restaurant, all of you wearing these? And how the waitress would react to you?


Categories: Humor, Toys, WTF