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The Giving Tree iPad Decal

The Giving Tree iPad Decal

The artwork from the amazing book by Shel Silverstein, The Giving Tree - which can now be featured on your iPad!

Of course it doesn't have to only be used on iPads; it'll work on most tablets, laptops and other non-techy stuff, for instance on windows, guitars, desks, etc.

For those that grew up with the classic book The Giving Tree this is something that can reconnect us with our childhood. 

It's a reminder of a great parable. The tree gave and gave, everything it had to make the boy happy. It even gave until it was a stump and then (SPOILER ALERT, lol) when the boy was in old age, he sat upon that stump, and the Giving Tree was happy.

It's a great reminder to give, and that by giving we are rewarded. Also to give thanks for people and to never underestimate juse how much our loved ones do for us


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