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Gift Card Puzzle Vault

Gift Card Puzzle Vault

The person that gets this as a gift will have to solve the puzzle before opening! Pretty sweet way to add fun to a gift card present.

The Gift Card Puzzle Vault isn't really all that difficult, but it *is* rather inexpensive at under $5. We're not sure but we imagine it'sa gift that can keep on being regifted, eclosing multiple different gift cards in its lifetime.

Gift cards are funny, they're not quite cash, but always welcomed as cash. Although they don't have quite the purchasing power of cash. As the wise and funny Mitch Hedberg once said:

"People give me gift certificates as gifts. I think a gift certificate is a bad gift. What's a gift certificate? You take money that was good everywhere and you ruin it. Just give me the twenty, that was a universal gift certificate."

But we'll take either. And gift certificates are kind of cool. Like a suggestion of generally what to spend money on, y'know? Like if you got money, you'd never think to go to that certain place. The gift card says, hey, I think you'll like something from this place - do yourself a favor and pick something out from here, don't just spend money on gas, cigs, booze, rent, etc., get YOURSELF a gift.

In any case, if this puzzle gets too tricky, you could just take a hammer to it...

Another good idea is to put your credit card(s) in this. That way when you have the urge to buy something, it takes work to get to it first. Think of the savings! Or the headaches...

Or you could use it to simple hold cash and give everyone that universal gift certificate of fiat currency!


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