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Giant Mustache Magnet For Your Car Or Appliance

Giant Mustache Magnet For Your Car Or Appliance

Simply put: a giant mustache magnet that you can slap onto a car, refrigerator, door, washing machine, robot, etc. Class up the joint and cause some smiles!

For $10, we love this awesome mustache! It's sorta reusable: you can move it around where you want it. 

In looking at some of the reviews, some people had trouble with it outdoors on cars in the rain. Others have had no trouble at all with it. We're not sure why that is - maybe the manufacturer changed the material. But it seems as though they've corrected the issue with having this on a car.

If not, this giant mustache still works great indoors and can brighten up your house or apartment. Of course you can pait it with the giant googly eyes for even more fun :-)  


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