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Giant Googly Eyes

Giant Googly Eyes

Some giant googly eyes you can slap on anything to anthropomorize it! Want to turn some frowns upside down? Slap a big pair of googly eyes on something.

Works great for around the office, your car, garbage cans, fire hydrants, mailboxes, water coolers, cubicles.... well really, your imagination can come up with millions of uses for these googly eyes!

You get 2 giant googly eyes in this pack. Maybe $7 is a little much just for 2 googly eyes, but they are BIG. Granted if you're going to use these outdoors you have to be careful, beacuse the back of them is cardboard and won't last in the rain. Supposedly you could cover them up with plastic or something though.

All in all though, these are FUN!


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