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Funny Nose Pencil Sharpener

Funny Nose Pencil Sharpener

Silly and maybe a little gross, but these nose pencil sharpeners are great for anyone with a sense of humor!

Especially when combined with a mustache pencil! :p

These nose pencil sharpeners come in a pack of 12 and are just under $5 for the pack - an awesome deal! 

They're great for teachers or business managers for prizes or motivational tools. I bought a couple packs to throw in a box of random prizes. Very highly recommend these if you're looking for something cheap, funny and useful.

Great little gag gift!

Note that there's nothing covering the bottom of these sharpeners, so when they're used, the shavings will go all over the place. Not a huge deal, just make sure to tell kids to use it over a garbage can or something.

Also great little stocking stuffers. Good for probably middle school kids or younger. We can imagine them going gaga over them and saying silly things like they're going to make lead boogers out of them.

Buy a bunch of these for the classroom of kids and stop all the trips up to the pencil sharpener! They're fun and silly, so the kids will love to use them.  You'll probably want at least one for yourself too :) 

They're great conversation starters as well! Way cool.


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