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Flying Saucer Tree Swing

Flying Saucer Tree Swing

A "flying saucer"-shaped tree swing to hang from a tree - holds over 400 pounds! 

This swing is a blast. It'll hold a kid or two (or three) and they'll have a great time swinging together. 

It can be used on a swing set or tied to a tree branch. The branch much be super solid though - you want to make sure the branch is capable of holding a few hundred pounds.

The swing is very easy to install, although you might want to opt for an additional item to hook it up. We recommend the Rotational Device Swivel Carabiners.   This way the swing can spin around in any direction with no problem. In any case, it's easy to install straight out of the box; you'll be up and swinging in probably under 20 minutes. It has a great construction and should hold up for several years. 

One of the nice things about this is there are no nets or holes like in other swings that little feet or hands or legs could get caught in. It's a safe, simple swing that kids can simply fall off of. Ok, we're kidding (sort of), but there are no "moving parts" or things that kids can get stuck on/caught in.

Very heavy duty and great for most ages (manufacturer recommends ages 6-15). 


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