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Flippy Chain Fidget Toy

Flippy Chain Fidget Toy

Another great idea for anti-stress, kids or adults with autism, ADD, ADHD or simply lots of energy. They're interlocking chains on rings that you can flip around in a variety of ways.

This fidget toy is completely silent so it's great for school, work, office meetings, church or pretty much anywhere. It's small enough that you can flip it around in your pocket (although people may think you're playing with something else...).

They come in a bunch of colors and will never corrode or break. They're kind of cool and a nice alternative to a larger fidget spinner. Great for autism boredom.

It's a simple toy made of 2 rings, 2 bike chain links and 4 bands. You could honestly make one yourself pretty easily, but for this price it's a nice convenient time-saver.

These are made from real bike chains that have been cleaned up and de-greased. The company promises that they're in good condition, won't rust and will last a LONG time. 


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