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Fingerprint Scanning Biometric Padlock

Fingerprint Scanning Biometric Padlock

The amazing keyless biometric padlock - it reads your fingerprint to unlock! You can store up to 10 fingerprints so multiple people can access the lock.

It's powered by 2 AAA batteries, but even when not powered up it retains all of the fingerprints that are allowed to open the padlock.

Never need a key with this padlock! Great for realtors as you don't need to remember to take keys with you, just give access to all the realtors on staff. This is also much cheaper than similar solutions such as the SupraKey lock box.

The one drawback we see with this is that you can't delete fingerprints individually - it's an all or none proposition. Meaning that if you have someone you don't want to access the padlock anymore you have to reset it and rescan the other 9 people's fingerprints.

But that's a minor quibble on a very cool product!


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