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Fidget Spinner Toy

Fidget Spinner Toy

These are genuinely awesome spinner fidget toys! High quality and will spin for minutes at a time (some say they've had these going for over 3 minutes!)

We didn't know what all the fuss was about until we got our hands on one of these. Now we understand. 

There's just something about them. They're great - especially for kids on the autism spectrum, with even slight ADD or with high energy. Heck, they even work for mildly distracted adults.

If you want to improve your focus, if you have fidgety fingers/hands, or if you just want something to do - these spinners are really cool. 

They seem to distract the active part of your mind so that you can focus on the smaller tasks. Things like schoolwork can be very boring to kids (well, to any of us really...) - and these spinners give you something to do while your mind is trying to focus.

Plus they're just FUN!

And now you can buy them here at The Coolest Stuff Ever! 


These are the real deal and will last a long time. They are shipped from China though, so there's a little bit of wait time to get them. However, when you do, you won't be disappointed. Those spinner fidget toys seem to be all the rage, and now you can grab one for just $9 bucks!

If you're buying them for your kids, you know how they can easily misplace small toys like this, so you can afford to buy a couple. Or throw one in your cart for yourself :p This is one of the best (and lowest priced) fidget spinners we've seen - and we've looked high and low.


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