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"Far Out" Fidget Spinner

"Far Out" Fidget Spinner

Some crazy far out Fidget Spinner designs! Looking for something different? Want to buy a gift for a kid that's a lot different than regular fidget spinners? These bad boys are out there!

Very um ... different designs for sure! These aren't for everyone, but some people will love them.

Some of these spinner designs have more mass and therefore you'd think they don't spin for that long; however they still do pretty well. Granted, not as good as a lesser/smaller spinner, but they still spin for upwards of 2 minutes, sometimes 3 minutes.

The ones with 3 "blades" are about the same in mass as the original fidget spinner, so they'll spin a bit longer.

These spinners will get some looks, that much is for sure!

So if you or our kids want something a little different, look no further!

Again, as with most fidget spinners, these are great for those with ADD, ADHD, autism or the general problem of "tons of energy and I can't control myself". Or just for the pure fun of them! :) 


Age Range: > 8 years old, 12-15 Years, 8-11 Years, Grownups
Gender: Unisex
Puzzle Style: Personalized Jigsaw
Model Number: ERTRYT
Style: Geometric Shape
Warning: Don't throw!* (They don't fly so good. ;) 


Categories: Geeky, Kids, Toys