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Family Pool Lounger with Bench

Family Pool Lounger with Bench

Wow, what a cool little pool! It might appear to be a kid's pool, but look closer... this thing is amazeballs!

Ok, for real, it looks like a tiny pool that you'd inflate for the toddlers to splash around it. One of those pools that lasts a few weeks and even toddlers are just wading around in, not deep enough to even swim in. 

But this pool is 30" deep! You can have up to four adults fit in this thing comfortably. You're not going to be swimming around in it, but that's not the point or purpose of this pool. It's to chill in and have an adult beverage while keeping cool, and for that it's great.

You can inflate it in about 10 minutes with an electric air pump. Do not plan on trying to blow this up with your own lungs. I mean I guess you'd be getting a workout, but it'll take FOREVER! Get a hand pump or electric pump. (And we suggest electric pump - they're like $12 on Amazon.)

This is seriously like the coolest little pool ever. Especially for the price of under $40 shipped from Amazon!

One guy even claimed that he was able to toss a floatie in and bloat around on it. He actually uses it in his freakin living room! Think about that... an inflatable pool in your living room in the winter. You can watch movies or play videogames from the comfort of your living room pool. Sweet! Haha... :p 

It even has a really cool bench to sit on, although you can opt to not inflate it and have more room to float around in. It has two cup holders, one on either side of the bench.

Some people have made this inflatable pool the centerpiece of their backyard party spot for the summer. Check out some of the pics in the reviews at Amazon! Seriously, we'd have never thought we'd want a tiny pool like this, but it's badass. 


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