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Fake Sky Light Diffuser Panels

Fake Sky Light Diffuser Panels

Brighten your home or office with these light-diffusing panels!

These are standard size floursecent light panels that replace your existing acrylic panels (2' by 4'). They reduce the harsh glare from those annoying flourescent lights, at the same time giving the area a nice feel by recreating the outdoors.

They are not stickers, they're the actual panels. And while they diffuse and make light a *bit* dimmer, they still allow enough light to do things as normal.

You do have to be careful with these, just as you do with other acrylic light panels. They give off a slight blueish tint, which some people will like, others maybe not. We think it's pretty cool.

For those that spend most of the day in an office with harsh lighting you know if can give you a headache. That much light glinting off of things can hurt your eyes, especially if you're on the computer for 8+ hours a day.

These sky panels diffuse light and make everything softer. You don't have that harsh glare bouncing off of everything. Nice!


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