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Fake Scratch-Off Lottery Tickets

Fake Scratch-Off Lottery Tickets

These are classic - they look like genuine instant scratch-off lottery tickets but each one is a winner, and a big one (Not just $10 or $20 but over $1000!)
For the price of about $.12 a ticket, this is a good buy for a merry prankster. Fool your co-workers, friends or family, but be careful - some might be PISSED about having the joy of winning thousands quickly taken away from them and turn on you in anger!  But that's the fun of pranking, eh?
Now, people who play instant scratch-off lottery tickets all the time might not be fooled by these. They don't have official state information on them and can look a little fishy to the accomplished lottery player. However they should fool most! Enjoy, and prank responsibly.

Categories: Humor, Toys