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Fake Gold Bullion Bar Doorstop

Fake Gold Bullion Bar Doorstop

A fake gold bar that will make people do a double-take! Use it as doorstop, a paperweight, a conversation piece or to distract people from your REAL stash of gold.

It's solid and heavy and will weigh down your papers or prop open your door in style. Perhaps you're a gold bug, or maybe you want a slick little gag gift. This is a nice one that stands the test of time because hey - fake gold is ALWAYS worth something!

It's sure to get some chuckles and smiles, that's for sure. People want to believe it's real!

This gold bar is also nice to think about the real thing. Some say that  we get what we focus on, and to have a gold bar in plain sight that we look at several times a day, every day, well you're subconsiously always thinking about that gold bar. Whether or not you believe in manifesting things through positivity, the plain truth is that you ARE thinking about it and therefore working towards it in some fashion.

Does that make any sense?

If not, hey, it's just a cool, plain gold bar that'll look awesome on your desk!


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