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Dwarven Beard Hat

Dwarven Beard Hat

An awesome knit hat and dwarf beard. The helm and beard are knit with 100% acrylic yarn, perfect for the beardless, the cold, the cosplayer or the simply geeky!

Remember that this is an equal oppotunity beard; it could be a female of male dwarves beard. 

The beard is detachable if you just want to wear the knit helm. It's available in brown or grey.

It's good to celebrate dwarves throughout fantasy history, and there have been a ton of them. Maybe your favorite is Bruenor Battlehammer from the Forgetten Realms books. Or perhaps it's the classic Tolkien dwarves, whether the originals of the Hobbit or those of Lord of the Rings. Of course, the dwarves of World of Warcraft aren't that far off from their predecessors either and are pretty cool. Gully Dwarves need not apply.

If you have beard envy, here you go! You'll soon be grumbling like a dwarf and singing stuff like:

I mine for gems, I drink my ale, I go to the lava-tory; On Wednesdays I go spelunking and have buttered scones with tea!

A female dwarf with a beard! Ok, they don't look so bad after all... rawr...! ;-)


Categories: Geeky, Pop Culture, Wearable