Dry Pak Waterproof Alligator Wallet

Dry Pak Waterproof Alligator Wallet

A water-tight wallet for your stuff when you're at the beach, the pool or on a boat. It's big enough for a wallet, phone, cards & more.

The included neck lanyard lets you wear it for hands-free use. It's high-visibility with the alligator pattern as well.

This wallet is great for swimming, snorkeling, fishing, airboating, waterskiing, wakeboarding... or really anything around water. 

We only wish we'd known of such a waterproof wallet sooner in our lives. Thinking back to all the times that our valuables have gotten wet or we've jumped in a pool before realizing that our wallet or phone was in our pocket - well, lets just say it would have easily covered the cost of this slick little Dry Pak!

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