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Drink Preserver Floating Cup Holder

Drink Preserver Floating Cup Holder

Imagine just floating around in a pool, warmed by the sun, your chilled drink floating along beside you. You don't have a care in the world and you don't have to worry about your drink sinking. 

This little thing is awesome. Your drink was thrown a life preserver, and now it'll just float forever, next to you. Well, it might float away and you'll have to paddle a bit to get it, but that's some good exercise. You don't want to put on a whole bunch of weight while drinking all day in the pool do you? Paddle!!! FASTER!!!!

Ok, we kid, but this thing is really kinda neat. The only thing we wish they'd added was a little line to tie it to your own floatie or something so that your drink doesn't get away from you.

We can picture doing a river float, where you float on an inner tube down a gentle river. You've got a big cooler tied to your raft and a string tied to your life preserver flotation device. And life is good.

Oh yeah, we're totally doing that this summer!