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Doctor Who Universal Remote - Sonic Screwdriver

Doctor Who Universal Remote - Sonic Screwdriver

A gesture control remote as well as a replica of the sonic screwdriver of the 12th Doctor Who, Peter Capaldi. Pretend you're a Time Lord as you control your TV, DVD, iPod docks and more!

It has 3 banks of 13 different gestures, like swiping left or right, tapping the sonic screwdriver or rotating it. It has all the basics like changing channels, controlling volume, mute, etc. and has a whole detailed list of all the commands you can do.
The screwdriver even lights up and has 13 different authentic Dr. Who-type sounds. Comes with a slicker-than-snot-case. Also has a lock code so kids can't use it.
Talk about awesome. A *tad* pricey at $103.61, but for all the features and the coolness factor, we can't really get too upset about the price. 

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