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Deep Tea Diver Loose Tea Infuser

Deep Tea Diver Loose Tea Infuser

Love tea? So do we. And this submariner is awesome and will infuse your tea quite nicely and in style.

Of course it's eco-friendly and eliminates the need for tea bags. Which is sad in a way because most guys love to tea bag. Sorry, sorry, but we had to.

It's the super old school diving suit that most of us have seen at some point. It's actually called a "Meoguri", that diving suit with a big long pipe all the way up to the boat that carries oxygen to the diver.

Now, it's not big enough to do a whole pot of tea - it's only meant for a single cup of tea. That said, this tea infuser is super cute and should get everyone in the office over to your desk. It's really good for making people smile, including yourself because you're gonna be so hopped up on caffiene you can't resist smiling.


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